Our Services

At Icon Conveyancing we deliver premium conveyancing services that take the worry out of your property settlement.

From the commencement of your transaction through to finalisation of settlement you deal with the same experienced Icon conveyancer who has broad industry knowledge and conveyancing expertise.

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All property types

We provide expert conveyancing services for the settlement of the following properties:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Vacant
  • Rural
  • Subdivisible

All conveyancing matters

We deliver high quality conveyancing in the following areas:

Subdivision and land developments

  • Title application for built and mixed used subdivisions, vacant land, green title and strata titles
  • Amalgamation of land and disposition of title

Private sale transactions

  • Offer and Acceptance contract preparation
  • Detailing of seller and buyer entities, purchase price, deposit requirements, settlement date and condition timeframes, special conditions of the contract and any other matters applicable to the transaction
  • Provision of copies of the Certificate of Title, Landgate diagram, plan or strata and any encumbrances to the client prior to execution of the contract
  • Provision of the Joint Form of General Conditions of the Sale of Land and Strata Schedules
  • Trust accounting services for deposit monies

Family transfers/related party transactions

  • Formalising a change of title ownership between spouses, defactos, partners or related parties as a result of choice or court order
  • Formalising ownership share structures
  • Trust and superannuation fund transfers
  • Detailing of stamp duty payable, where applicable

Updating property title particulars

  • Updating/changing personal details on a title following marriage, address changes or legal change to a name 

Deceased estate

  • Updating the Certificate of Title when a registered proprietor passes away (whether they are a sole proprietor,  joint tenant or tenant in common) in order to ensure timely settlement at a future time of sale

Landgate title searches

  • Obtaining copies of Certificate of Titles, diagrams, plans, surveys, strata plans, transfers, mortgages, caveats, leases, easements and restrictive covenants from WA’s land and property authority, Landgate

Landgate document lodgement

  • Lodgement of documentation with Landgate, including caveats, leases, power of attorney documentation and various other documents